We, The People…..

Another day dawns
Even as the city yawns
The sun’s kissing the horizon
Another mundane day for a million denizens.

Early morning walkers on the road
The milkman tumbling under his own load
Children getting ready for school
Their heavy bags making them look fools.

Young executives start for their factory
Even as their bosses make out with the secretary
Housewives listening to Nitin’s banter
The land-lord again quarelling with the renter.

Everyday the same sorrows, the same joys
As if we all were some mechanical toysEveryday following the same monotonous routineAs addicted to passivity as if to nicotine….

(To be completed….)

I know almost all posts on this page end with “To be continued” but I cant help that. For someone as busy as me (lol), and with such diverse interests and broad horizons, it’s very difficult to keep working on the same thing…(lolouder)…..Please bear with me…

2 responses to “We, The People…..

  1. ahh well.. i hope someday the rest of this poem does get to see the light of the day..
    n some others unfinished works of urs too…

    neways.. i read that post..(which u hav now deleted.. i dunno y..).
    n i got ur comment on my blog too..
    as i said before too.. “it was my mistake.. n my sincere apologies for it..”..
    wont bother u any more..
    bye bye.. keep blogging

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