I aim a search, I search an aim
Life ain’t even that wonderful a game
Missed chances, chanced misses
Life’s nothing but grunts and hisses…

Everything seems to be in a disarray
We all are rotting, just wasting away
We get something, we desire more
Being satisfied is being a bore
A grand house, a luxurious car
Only greed and lust would take us far

Some say love, companionship is what you seek
Some say fame is the thing, if you aren’t meek
Some are running behind a few more bucks
Some feel Life is all about a few more fucks

But is this all why we are here
Is this all about what we care……
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…….

3 responses to “Life….

  1. Sahi poem yaar. We actually ARE wasting away. Pehle lecs lagao, fir events lagao: kisi tarah 4/5 saal kato. Then go out there, want more all the time anyway. Begging to go to the next level of life, (which by the way is tougher than the last). College….Job….Marriage….Retirement. We want more but get lesser. Like in Death of a Salesman. (“feeling worth more dead than alive”). Kucch to karna hoga. And that kucch can only come when you know yourself

    Loved the craft of the poem. Good rhyming, loved the reversal wala funda in the first few lines. My fav poem after “Yaadein”..keep writing!

  2. too good…. very touchin n true to reality…. suddenly rmbrd ur quote, “evrybdy’s wastin their lives… let evry1 waste it on their own way….” rmbr d chats v had over it? srsly yaar in some way or d other v r wasting our lives n searching for an aim at d same moment…. i know its paradoxical bt isnt it d truth of life?

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