Would You……

When the winds blow away the candle
And the night becomes too dark to handle
when the clouds eclipse the starry night
Would you be my guiding light…..

when the music fades away
And my life is shaded grey
When silences become headache
Would you be the rhythm in my life…….

When the flowers bear thorns
And everything beautiful is torn
When roses start smelling pungent
Would you be the fragrance in my life…..

When the sun becomes too hot to bear
And life’s hardships bring me to tears
When the going gets really tough
Would you be the shade in my life….

When I am having a bad day
And all my friends turn away
When I need someone to hold my hand
Would you be the angel in my life

When I am happy, life is going great
And I’ve reclaimed myself from the clutches of fate
But all alone, I don’t know how to celebrate
Would you share my joy with me…..

Would you….Would you…..Would you….

P.S. Inspired by Ben E.King’s Stand By Me…….

4 responses to “Would You……

  1. such an emotional n romantic poem n still ppl say they r nt in love…. huh!! bullshit…. koi inspiration to pacca hi hogi {lol}… sry bt very nice….. i mean wat else did u expect me to write considerin i m such a big FAN of urs….

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