A Suitable Gift

Well, I always find it extremely difficult to choose a gift for my friends on their birthdays. Once again, I find myself in such a dilemma……..

Now when the days left are just six
What to gift her, am in a fix
A bunch of flowers, or a photo frame
Ah, I can’t decide, what a shame.

If I could, I would give her a star
But what would she do with a gas jar
So may be I would gift her a car
But that would stretch my budget too far.

A card won’t convey my emotions
I know she doesn’t use any mascara or fancy lotions
So may be a bottle of perfume or a pack of chocolates
But again my pocket pleads as I see the rates.

All these things she can buy herself
What I should give must have an impression of myself
So, I will gift her myself as a friend
Got to study now, the end.


Just five more, the calender says
Wishing you a future full of golden rays
With happiness all around and no pains
Shining like a rainbow after the rains.

You may get whatever you desire
Be it stars, diamonds or sapphire
But if someday you find something amiss
Just call me, I would come as a bliss.
(I would come to give you a kiss.)

I’ll always be there when the going gets tough
I’ll sail along when the seas are rough
Someday if I hurt you and you no longer believe me
Promise me, you would still forgive me.

Now my prof is staring at me
It’s incomplete, but let it be
Cuz sometimes words are just not enough
And rhyming lines gets very tough…..


I know this poem thing is getting a little bore
But baby, you still have to tolerate another four

In four days, you would be “mature”
But promise, your carefree laughter would still be pure.
Beware, this adult world is full of caprice and malice
Promise me, but you would always remain my wonderful Alice.

Forget what you gained or lost in these twenty years
Stupid memories, bringing nothing but tears
Let the smile always be there on your face
In which year did P.T.Usha won the race……..


4 responses to “A Suitable Gift

  1. Dunno about funny…but cute poem. Well-rhymed, some grammatical mistakes which you might want to correct but tell you what…if her birthday has not passed, why don’t you gift her this poem itself? I’m sure she would be touched that birthday-present dilemma caused an outflow of creativity!

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