I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Mohua (yeah, I know that’s a weird name) for giving me the idea of this story and the love fundas (she thinks she is a Love Guru) which an imbecile and nerd like me otherwise cud hav never known. Also, a hell lot of lines in this story are hers…I think this story well deserve the honour of being one of the most plagiarised work ever, ofcrse after Mahesh Bhatt movies….I know I haven’t been able to live upto your expectations……still……Thank you MD…..9 pm

13 January, Birju Paan Bhandaar

9 pm
13 January, Pizza Hut
Kamla Nagar Market

It was Aniket’s birthday treat. The mobile phone rang in her jeans pocket as they were smearing the chocolate cake on his face. It was his second call. She quickly moved to an empty corner and spent the next one hour talking with him and the next one saying sorry to Aniket. Her friends couldn’t believe that it was the same Sona, who simply hated flirting guys. She herself didn’t know why she liked talking to him. Maybe it was the attraction of his calm poised voice…may be his sense of humour…she didn’t know and it didn’t matter. It was just a phone call…one or two more calls, then he would realize the economics of STD calls from Mumbai and forty years down the line, they would be telling their grandchildren about a crazy girl/boy they once liked….

Sona was an average middle class Delhi 20-something girl with dreams and aspirations to touch the skies, an unparalleled zest for living and an attitude cool enough to make guys go crazy over her and hot enough to beat the living shit out of those loafers. She was a complete shopping freak, but then nearly all girls are, she always confirmed to the latest fads and fashions, but again nearly all girls do, she loved gossips and was a horrible driver, but then…… All in all she was like any other girl next door….a little sentimental at times and sometimes a little crazy. But what made her stand out was her calm composure, a confident persona, and an ability to take her decisions on her own and then stick to them even in the face of the strongest of tempest. So when she told Ananya later that month that she think she liked this Rishi guy, she was not in the least surprised and knowing Sona more than anyone else, Ananya could tell from the smile on her face everytime his name cropped up in a conversation, that she was madly in love with him. They had been chatting for long hours of late, sometimes late into the night. And the very Sona, who was so particular about attending her classes, was always pleading Ananya to put another proxy for her, just one last time….Aniket was a little circumspect at first. He tried to reason out with her that he was just flirting with her, swept by the Orkut wave. Their realtionship had no future,… why would a guy waste his time on a girl whom he can’t possibly meet….

“Come on Anik…He likes me and I like him. All right, we are not close to each other and he has this weird style of laughing……but we understand each other….we can so easily share our joys, sorrows, fears, aspirations, tensions, problems, everything….just everything…what else is required in a relationship??”
“SEX. Look Son, you don’t know the guys….for them emotions don’t matter. It’s all about Sex and Sex…And he is a decent looking chap, sooner or later, he would find someone else to share all his joys, sorrows and crap….” She laughed in his face, “Grow up bud…Not everyone is like that…Anyways, thanks for your concern…”. But deep inside a tsunami was building up…Didn’t what Anik said made sense…May be he was right…May be Rishi was just flirting….he had already told her during one of their chats how he had found her on Orkut…Everyday on Orkut, she received scores of friend requests from boys all over the country, from regions she had not even heard of…and they say you have to know a person before being a friend….Friend requests ranging from stupid, “Hey, can we be friends…u dnt know me..neithr i kno u..but does it make a big diff on orkut?” to the more innovative and ingenious ones like

“Hi i was just bored .. opened orkut .. searched for new buddies .. Saw lots of communities .. photos.. searched till i found a cute girl … she was a simple .. Good luking girl .. i coulnt continue searching …. i m impressed .. how do i make her my friend..shall i send her a friend req .. before that i ll message her .. yeah thats a good idea.. Here i proceed with lots of questions in my mind.. wil she accept ?? will she like me … or will she atleast reply … now its upto her to reply … i can feel a smile on her face .. yes she wants to reply .. i know for sure
would u like to be my friend ??”

Was he just one of them?? She didn’t log onto Gtalk that night though she had promised to him last time they chatted. Rather, she scavenged through the scrapbooks of all the girls in his friends’ list to see if she was only one of the “victims”. But she found no such trace and rather than making her feel good, it made her feel even more sad and shattered. She checked if he was still online but just found a message from him in her mail-box, ” I think you are a little busy…I hope everything is all right..catch ya laterzzz…cya…tc….Luv Rishi” and appended below it were the lyrics of Carole Kings’ “You have got a Friend”…..
When you’re down and troubled
and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.
You just call out my name,
and you know wherever I am
I’ll come running, oh yeah baby
to see you again.

Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you’ve got to do is call.

Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?
You’ve got a friend.
You’ve got a friend.
Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend.

Yes, I’ve got a friend….She called Anik and fired at him some of the choicest of the abuses she knew. Feeling completely devastated, she turned on Radio City thinking he might also be listening to it….The soothing voice of Love Guru filled the room and warmed the hearts of lovers across the nation. Someone had asked him how to distinguish whether “he” was just a friend or something more….and as usual he was replying in his dense voice with such a depth of feelings as if he himself was deeply in love with someone…..”Good Question Ridam…Doston, aksar humare jehan mein yeh sawaal uthta hai ki kya woh sirf ek dost hai ya ab woh dil ki dhadkan ban chuka hai….just look out for these signs and you will have the answer yourself…..Do you miss him the most in his absence? Do you get in a state of unrest if you are not in touch with him, no calls or messages or chats or anything? Do you end up spending your nights planning to spend your life with him? Do you sometimes feel that all are friends, but he’s special? Do you care the most about him? He brings a smile on your face even when you are in the foulest of moods. You can laugh with anybody , but you cry only in front of him and his problems move u to tears…..

If yes, what are you waiting for….?”

Aur ahista kijiye baatein, dhadkanein koi….

listening to the music from the timeless melody by Pankaj Udhas, her spirits rose a little…A cute smile broke across her face..She again called Anik, said sorry and went to the bed…planning to spend her life with Rishi…….
(to be contd.)

8 responses to “.(II)

  1. Kamla Nagar has a Pizza hut?????????????
    You need geography lessons, but then nearly ALL guys do!! 😛
    I have almost lived in Kamla Nagar for the past two year….. Don’t spread rumours!! 🙂

    As for the story… great going..and waiting for the next lot..

  2. @aru
    (*takes a bow*) thank u mam…working on the next part nd the TAG….

    @ nishi
    so my little gimmick paid off. I was thinking how to get a proud mean girl to comment on my blog…it was simple….
    as for Pizza Hut in Kamla Nagar, nahi hai?? yaar banta nahi hai….lagta hai tere se geog. lessons lene hi padenge…….

  3. haha.. actually.. (like i have already told).. I dinno how to put in words what i had felt.. so :P:P

    As for ur geography.. aage se beware.. ppl do read all of it!! AND especially if these ppl are delhites…. :P.. I mean kuch bhi likhoge aur log man jayenge?.. hehe

  4. @ nishi – nope nope n well i have not seen the “entire” knags , have gone as far as bindals n koutons n madam n cupid on the lft side…
    bt yes i kno thrs a mc d’s, dominoes, barista, cafe cofee day,the omellete shop, chacha ke bature :p :p and dat kabab corner i guess,n nirulas near arts faculty …… ahh now u know y i suck at chemistry…..lols n m still enrolled in hansraj, havnt taken a tc yet..
    @ j -if only procastination cud kill….. :p bt still do finis this first the tag can wait…
    ps: – i did this tag i saw on ur blog was really interesting….

  5. nice work….carry on…I am waiting for the next part…kitna time lagata hai likhne ..kaafi accha likh raha hai

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