As usual nonsense…

Do you know what it feels like loving someone that’s in a rush to throw you away.
Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

I have been listening to Enrique’s latest single for the past 24 hours….He roxxx man!!!

I was as usual idling my time orkutting when I came across this status message….”You just have to stand still and watch others move. Don’t move your ass. It’s the relativity that matters…” Dunno if it makes any sense to you but it somehow struck a chord with me… Last few weekends I have been like always going out some place or the other….Derby, York, London, Scotland…(how modest!!!!) and as such was a little tired and rather fed up…So I decided to stay back this weekend and do what I enjoy the most…sleeping and being with myself lost in wishful reveries….lol!!!!

If birds flying south is a sign of changes
At least you can predict this every year.

Love, you never know the minute it ends suddenly
I can’t get it to speak

The thing that I like the most about UK is the girls….lol!!!! Being a guy , that’s sort of obvious…but I am not just talking of skin-deep beauty. Girls here are much much much more confident than their counterparts in India…I mean sometimes I get a feel that the boys are the oppressed class over here…Like one of my friend said, while travelling in bus in India we often come across girls fiddling with their mobiles or talking on their mobiles to thin air…British girls do not suffer from such an insecurity feeling and are much more poised and in control….Also the society here is more open. Last Monday, I was standing at the Glasgow Bus Station…and there was a statue there showing a man with a suitcase hugging a girl…what a beautiful way of depicting the importance of such a commonplace thing as a bus station…Had the same statue been there in India…I can promise you guys…by now either the Shiv Sena or the Bajrang Dal or the myriad other manifestations of the Indian ‘Social’ Police would have vandalised it…While travelling in bus, I saw a couple waiting at the bus stop…Being so sparsely populated a country (well if we compare to India, sometimes I feel like I am in Antarctica), there was enough space for atleast 7 more people. But no…this girl (rather a lady in her early thirties) was sitting on the lap of her spouse…Such a scene in India would have invited those ugly glares and a few oldies chatting how the times have changed and the modern generation has grown up to be so unashamed…”humne to kabhi unhe ghar mein bhi haath nahi lagaya”….

Looking at the last 3 years like I did,
I could never see us ending like this.
Seeing your face no more on my pillow
Is a scene that’s never happened to me.
But after this episode I don’t see, you could never tell the next thing life could be

Not just girls, even boys have a much better attitude. I am seriously fed up of friends back in India asking “ab tak kuchh kiya ya nahi??” Hello??? wat do u mean by “”kuchh””?? To which they innocently reply “bandi peli ki nahi???” Comeon guys….Gimme a break!!!!

How can I love you
How can I love you
How can I love you
How can I love you . . . .
If you just don’t talk to me, babe.

So I think that’s enough crap for a day…Will be right bak with even more nonsensical stuff….as usual….

6 responses to “As usual nonsense…

  1. Some more crap :
    ”humne to kabhi unhe ghar mein bhi haath nahi lagaya”…. haha.. toh phir hum sab kahan se aaye??… hehe
    You may want (more of) UK, but still you crave India. Whatever it is .. it is ours…
    The openess feels good for somedays.. after that it diverges into lonliness, abandonmant .
    After all everything has its own pros and cons!
    Mera bharat stilll very mahaan!

    That which comes easy, goes easy

  2. No it’s not nonsense, it’s fine..makes sense. Though I’m surprised you aren’t feeling homesick yet. Maybe if you lived there for a year or so….

  3. @nishi
    well yes, I crave for India….but ofcrse if we could inculcate a little more tolerance into our culture, taking a cue from the west, I don’t think it would hurt much….As Buddha suggested, THE MIDDLE PATH….

    homesick….amm…nah..not really…miss home…but it’s okay…lived here for a year….then definitely I would start missing u….

    thanx for taking out ur precious microsoft time(lolz) …..

  4. hey there,
    that was awesome, yes i kno london girls are really soooo cool, i hv my frd in london doin HM, swati ( i mentioned her in dat really long blog) n keep hearin all sorts of stuff from her, but the thing is na no matter how hard v try to be like them, there r ppl who r alwaz ALWAZ ready to pull us down to crap, for eg; sum1 called me a horny slut for writing that blog abt d bday party ( d one i mentioned above), just imagine, if d sme blog was written by a guy it mite hv got a different reaction, n dat bandi part god its so true, u kno how its like here for a guy who had “pelofied” more girls the more cooler he is…. if dats the case among girls then…. urrrggggggghhhh whta a whore…. really man this is so shitty!
    ohh i love that song as well….. n being a heavy metalhead thats quite a compliment to enrique…lols

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