Under Construction….

It was the eve of Valentine
I was alone, another time
Listening to music, with a glass of wine
But my life lacked all rythm and rhyme.
Surfing through orkut, I saw her name
But cudn’t remember her, ah! wat a shame
I scrapped her and she replied back
Oh yes! my life was back on track.
I made a very cautious start
‘cuz first impressions are sometimes the last
Clinging together to a common past
We came close, oh baby, real fast.
She was so crazy, yes, she was fun
We chatted every night till the rise of sun
Just thinking about her, made my heart run
I had a feeling, yes, she was the ‘one’.
Nightlong, we played stupid games
Being childish, calling each other names
Just to see the smile on her winning face
I was ready to lose even a lonely race.
Oh, how sweet and ‘lavily’ were her ways
pure and innocent like the morning rays
Sometimes coaxing, stubborn at times
Intoxicated, I confessed to her all my crimes.
She was a goddess, a princess in disguise
To describe her, mere words can’t suffice
She was like a rainbow on the heavenly skies
But, alas! all things in life come for a price.
She was so lonely, jolted in love
ah! how cud lyf be so cruel to such a dove.
(To be continued……)

2 responses to “Under Construction….

  1. Your writing a poem about a friendship reminds me of these lines..

    Patjhadh main bhi phool khil jaate hai,
    bahaaron main bhi phool gir jaate hai,
    kuch ko kafan bhi naseeb nahin hota,
    aur kuch par Taj Mahal ban jaate hai.

    [kuch rishton ki ahmiyat (bhari word I know!) nahin hoti and kuch par kavitayen likh jaati hai]

    though the starting dwindled a bit yet on the whole great job.. nice choice of words 🙂

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