Arbit Ramblings…….

As I sit on my chair with a towel, two dirty underpants, and an obnoxious smelling pair of mismatched socks (which I wore to the exam today) lying under me, my laundry bag spilling more than retaining, cobwebs being the only thing ornamenting the room with double the number of books on bed than on the shelf (stuffed with clothes), I think may be I should be hanged for having a writer’s block in such a poetic, romantic setting, but this is the way it is.

So I m again shamelessly doing a tag….

Smoked a cigarette?: In case Dad, you finally found out my blogpage, skip to the next question. Yes, I hav smoked. Actually just tried it on my trip to Goa. Just to find out what I am missing.It was mint flavoured and RK brought it for me, had a gush or two of the smoke down my lungs, then coughed for about an hour. Never intend to do it again.

Crashed a friend’s car?:Nope, never crashed even my own.

Stolen a car?: hehe. who the fuck put this question in the tag????

Been in love?: yeah!!! at least I end up thinking so.

Been dumped?: ammm… actually I never have had a gf, so the question doesn’t arise. dumped by boyfriends. no. I m!!!

Shoplifted?: remember doing so sumtime when I was like in II or III. The shopkeeper had gone away for a little work and I picked up a few candies. My sister was also with me. She also took a few. She spilled the beans when we once had a fight. So my mom gave both of us a good thrashing. Then we went back to that shop and paid the money on the pretext that we had forgotten it last time.

Ofcrse I was a little kid at that time. But this is not all, just now I remebered I did it again in X standard (fairly grown up). Now there was a shopkeeper who always charged us extra money for “BANTA”(the drink in that “kanche” wali bottle). So one day I and a few school friends decided to teach him a lesson (what a moral way to do moral policing). So we like ran away after drinking, not paying the money. After that I think I have more or less mended ma ways though there are some other shopkeepers I dislike.

Been in a fist fight?: nope and yes. It wasn’t exactly a fist fight. I had a change of section in X. There was sort of an ego-clash between me and another guy, both of us were considered quite good in studies as well as extra-curriculars. One day like he wrote something on my shirt’s back. I followed suit. Slowly it turned into a dirty dual and both of us ended up with torn shirts and scratches everywhere on our backs, standing in front of the principal. But the icing on the cake is that within the next six months or so, we ended up being the best friends.

Snuck out of your parent’s house?: well, am living in a hostel for the last two years. sometimes when I get too irritated with sumthng at home, I just pack my bag and come back to the hostel.

Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?: Not yet sure whether she has the same feelings or not.
Been arrested?: ofcourse not! come on yaar. A “BANTA” just cost something like Rs. 5.

Gone on a blind date?: nope.
Skipped school?: quite a lot of time in XI and Xii for JEE preparation. Now in college, the day I complete my attendance requirements or the professor says that attendance is not an issue with him, is the last day I am seen anywhere in the vicinity of that class.

Been on a plane?: nope. flying to UK next week.

Seen someone die?: not exactly. My grandpa passed away five years ago. Reached there about two years after that. Still the scene lingers sumwhere as a painful memory.

Been to Canada?:Who is the fucking moron who wrote this question????

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: Purposely,ammmmm, NO. neither do i intend to. but given my whimsical nature, u never know.

Been jet-skiing?: would love to. no
Met someone in person from the Internet?: Knew sumone but who was nothing more than another iota existing in this complex world. Got to know him/her better through internet. planning to meet him/her next week.

Taken pain killers?: NO. I simply hate pills.

Flown a kite?: tried it like hell. cudn’t make it go above my head.

Built a sand castle?: no.

Gone puddle jumping?: yup! during school times. Don’t remember having done that for years now.

Cheated while playing a game?: Find me sum1 who claims he hasn’t and I claim that he is cheating rt now with u.

Been lonely?: Lonely, I m so lonely. I rather prefer to be lonely at times.

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: School, NO. College, atleast two classes everysay, if I go.

Used a fake ID?: tried to get two of my friends entry during Rendezvous. Also I have a license since I was 16. And I never gave a fkng driving test.

Felt an earthquake?:yes. atleast 3-4 times. no interesting anecdotes to share though.

Touched a snake?: might have. don’t remember. haan woh jo Diwali par hota hai na saanp, woh chhoti si black si pill se nikalta hai, uspar I put my feet, hav got a mark till now.

Slept beneath the stars?: yes, it was a nightout on Calangut (dunno how they spell it) beach.

Been robbed?: Not exactly.

Been misunderstood?: yaar life mein bc ek yahi major fite hai, no-one understands me.

Won a contest?: a few debates, word games, hindi quizzes……. Do they count???

Run a red light/stop sign?: yeah!!!! The first tym I did I ended up being stopped by a thulla. Now also do it but am a ltl careful….

Been suspended from school?: Was on the verge of. I along with a friend during Diwali time bursted a cracker in the school premises and were seen by some teacher who gave our names to PT teacher. That man was hellbent on getting me suspended for a week. But luckily we saw Narendra sir on our way to Principal’s office. I being the school topper, was considered a ltl unlikely to do so. He told the PT teacher that I was basically a good guy and finally sumhow we managed to come out of the fiasco unscathed.

Been in a car accident?: No.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night? I hav a better control on my “indriyaan” (taste glands).
Walked the streets drunk?: yaar uske liye pehle peeni padti hai.

Had déjà vu?: yes yes yes many many times.

Danced in the moonlight?: yaar m too bad at dancing.

Witnessed a crime?: now if shoplifing is also a crime, then yes else NO.

Been obsessed with post-it notes?: no.

Squished barefoot through the mud?: yeah!!

Been lost?: sab mila is duniya mein, bas ek dost dhoondta hoon
dekhe bahut dikhaawe, thoda sa sach dhoondta hoon
rang chadha hai is duniya ka hum par
rangon ke daldal mein khud ko dhoondta hoon.


Been on the opposite side of the country?: opposite side of the country???? u mean like Pakistan or south India???? Pakistan No. South No.

Swum in the ocean?: Yes. Hey, just a minute, does Arabian Sea count as an ocean????

Cried yourself to sleep?: tried once. raat bahr rota hi raha, neend aayi hi nahi. next morn chup hua, nd then slept thru d day. Moral of the story: Don’t cry except to give out a vent for a ltl tym.

Played cops and robbers?: yup! I think everyone has played it sumtym in their childhood.

Recently coloured with crayons?: made a chart for my cousin’s summer vacation homework last year.

Sung karaoke?: nope. like to hear them only.

Paid for a meal with only coins?: OMG!!!! (heheh) I think maggi does count for a meal, atleast in!!

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?: Call him once again.

Made prank phone calls?: oh yes, yaar this tag is really good, it just brought back a long forgotten memory. I was something like 10 0r 12 at that tym. Had gone to my nani’s place 4 d summer vacations. I along with my siblings and my mama’s children (all of roughly my age group) made prank calls saying weird things like “Main Madhuri Dixit ka Secretary bol raha hoon” or was it “kya main madhuri dixit se baat kar sakta hoon?” Then we called up someone and demanded a ransom. The guy on the other side was a ltl frightened. we put down d receiver. aur uske baad humari jo “phati”(can’t think of a btr word to describe) hai na, do din tak koi bhi phone bajta, we all were like scared to death. HEHE.. those beautiful childhood days!!!!!

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: once when it snowed during my trip to Manali.

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: no. really does anyone do that???

Blown bubbles?: yup, actually I even tried to make that solution once using household soap. ended up with the entire house in mess, myself soaked in water and soap.

Bonfire on the beach?: nyeah!!! during the nighout on the beach I mentioned above. It was fkng cold, had it not been for the bonfire, all of us wud have been but hanging portraits by now.

Cheated on a test?: I remember changing the answers in a submitted testpaper in class III. generally believe in getting what I deserve. So don’t cheat that often, yeah but always ready to help ma frnds, ended up getting an “F” in a course bcoz of this generosity.
Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: Got into the pool(rather sea) with my shorts on. then took them off after moving a little further.

Yahoo, I completed it in one sitting. Would try to come up with sumthng better next time. try it urself tho, it was fun.

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