25 things I wish to do before I die…..

Well Nishi, this one is for you. I never meant to offend you when I commented on Akshay’s post regarding copying and stuff. I know u r no longer interested in all this but still this one is for a dear friend frm d bottom of my heart…….

1. Be understood by atleast someone other than my dear Mom.

2. Get up at 6 in the morning and go for a morning walk with my Dad. He has been asking me now for almost three years, still……

3. Write a novel. Have actually made many a feeble attempts at same but……..

4. Represent my hostel in English debating.

5. Bring a little difference in the lives of poor people. Actually I know I am having this feeling just as an “after-effect” of reading the latest issue of The OUTLOOK, and will sooner or later forget about this, but….

6. Spend a month at a place uninhabited by human beings.

7.  Get my room cleaned up. It really is in a state of complete mess.

8. Read the Fountainhead. Everytime I start reading it, I go to sleep before the tenth page.

9. Be the richest man on earth. lol!!!!  Actually just being very famous would suffice.

10. Kick H!@#$@,  N$%,)&^% and R^$@^c in their arses. Stand on top of MS Building and shout, “I am not a *****”.

11. Go on a EuroTrip.

12.  Tell my Dad that I love him very much. Why the hell can’t boys say so to their fathers.

13. Be known as a person and not by my academic record.

14. Propose “her”. When she says Yes, to say that I was just kidding and in case she says NO, I plan to cry all night.

15. Watch a cricket match at LORDS. May accomplish this before the end of this year.

16. Get my sister to believe that I would not cry on her wedding night. She is actually getting married this month, so this desire will be fulfilled soon.

17.  Score a SGPA 10 in atleast one semester during my stay at IITD.

18. Learn how to play Chess. Ofcrse I can play chess, I mean good chess.

19. Come up with a game of my own, something on the lines of Sudoku.

20. Own a Karizma, actually any bike would do. My parents are hellbent on buying me a new car but won’t agree for a bike at any cost.

21. Find out what is the aim of this life…..

22. Make sure that I will be remembered by atleast someone….

23.  Play cricket with my son. sounds stupid……

24. Be on the front cover of TIME magazine. lol!!!

25. Complete this list of 25 things and say sorry to Nishi.

6 responses to “25 things I wish to do before I die…..

  1. Actually I am sorry for being so.. i don’t know.. dramatic(?) over such a petty thing. However some lessons have been learnt (the hardway)..


    Tag well done! 🙂 I really like #19 and good luck for 3,7,16!! 😉

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