How to get ur roomie pissed off!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: The idea to write this post came to me courtesy axay(reading his blog 50 ways….) and after a nice ltl chat I had wid my ex. Not ex-grlfrnd, my ex-roomie

  1. Everytime he enters the room, put ur hands in front of ur pants, and run to the bathroom.
  2. When he is away, take a few of his undies and hang them as a good luck charm in front of ur door.
  3. Whenever his parents call, start shouting all the abuses u hav learnt during ur hostel life or simply ask him to pass over the ciggarette.
  4. Everytime he brings some homemade eateries, pounce upon them as a hungry lion, take a little bite, make a face as if to throw up and say “U sure ur mother didn’t make them for a dog????”
  5. Ask him about his family and when he starts telling, simply go off to sleep pretending to snore.
  6. Flung your towel on his bed after having a bath.
  7. Get up in the middle of the night with a loud shriek and say, Oh God!!! I just dreamt about having to share the room with you for another year.
  8. Find a passport size photograph of his, paste it on the noticeboard with a caption, WANTED.PAEDOPHILE. (I actually did this to my roomie)
  9. Fiddle around with his creames, aftershaves and perfumes. Ask him if he can also put a little perfume around his arse.
  10. Count all the toiletries u hav on ur shelf and tell him the count. Go Out. Check the count after coming back. Say “GOOD BOY”.
  11. Go out and come back within a second, recount.
  12. Every now and then, peep into his laundry bag, make a face as if to vomit, quickly open the door and spray a ltl room freshner.
  13. Talk boastfully about ur girlfriend, make sure to name her same as his sister.
  14. Buy him a book, “How to become a little less dumber in twenty days”.
  15. Whatever novel he is reading, find out its climax on Wikipedia, and casually say, ” U know I once read ”   ” book and what a climax it had” and then blurt out the entire ending.

10 responses to “How to get ur roomie pissed off!!!!!!!!

  1. MACHAU!!

    And upar se, I’m really glad that a FUCHCHA ATTACHEE actually INSPIRED a SENIOR HOSTELLER!! WOOHOO!

    And by the way, I want “The Namesake”, ok? Agar ebook hai to mail kar diyo

  2. hehehehe…. gud job…. will certainly try all these {xceptins included] on ma roomie once i move out of ma place 4 further studies…..

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