Down The Memory Lane……….

It rarely happens that I m motivated to write two posts in a day, but the hectic schedule of the day has left me rather….revitalized. Today was the election day and my friends won all the posts they were contending for and that’s one reason why I am so happy and in a mood to again write something.

Exactly a month from today I will turn twenty on 29th April.  Twenty….. Have I miscalculated somewhere???? I was born in 1987, so 2007-1987, yeah that makes it twenty. I don’t know what the hell I wasted (or used)  these twenty years in. I don’t have any idea about my first five years, I must have been like any other toddler, saying Ma, Papa, Koko, playing peekaboo with my elder sisters, constantly being kissed on my soft cheeks by rough uncles and “dear” aunties. I must have given my mother a harried time doing “susu” anywhere, preferring mud over chapatis, and always craving for more candies. I still remember, my siblings and and me used to call Parle-G toffees as daalimaa ki toffee, due to wat weird reasons I don’t know. My father tells me that if he would buy a few candies and bring them home, we would refuse to eat them saying we wanted toffees “jo paise ki aati hai”, meaning give us money and we will buy for ourselves.
Flipping through a few childhood photographs, I see myself wearing a locket with a 10 paise coin entangled in a black thread running across my neck. I look not that bad, ofcrse my nose looks a little broader (cudn’t think of ny other adjective) . It’s kind of interesting how few things we remember from our childhood. I can’t even picture anything about my first playschool. Distant pictures do come to mind of myself being hugged by Palta Mam as my mother leaves me in my main school for the first time and I start crying. Then ofcrse I remember breaking the window pane in class III. Actually I feel nostalgia is something which just needs a place to breed and now as I go further down the memory lanes, more pictures come flooding to my mind. We had modest means, my father working hard to establish his practice as a  Chartered Accountant. A such, I was never the extravagant kind, and it was that phase when I learnt the importance of money (read this in positive sense plz…). Though I m sorry to say, that I hav turned a ltl sloppy in the recent past. Interestingly, I don’t remember how I felt when I stood first in my class for the first time…But I do remember ****** mam banging Deepankar’s head against the wall in almost every class. Actually I met a classmate of mine who had changed her school in IV class, through Orkut, and the only thing she remembered in particular was the thrashing Deepu used to get. Most of my years between age 8 and 16 passed in the daily school routine. I was never someone interested in sports. I wud rather prefer reading novels and for that matter my elder sister’s History book (YES, I read it).  From 16 to 18,  my entire attention was devoted to JEE. I cleared it, securing rank 670. Decent enough, though I feel a ltl ashamed to tell that I cried for an hour after listening the result. Finally I emerged out of my room saying atleast I am the 670th brightest engg. mind in this country. Since then it has been two years here in IIT. Many changes have come in my personality and disposition. I am no longer the same innocent boy who wud lie down quietly in the porch sipping milk from a bottle ( this is wat my neighbours remember of me). Everytime I meet a girl, I first look her from top to bottom stopping at specific parts. My friends call it sexual maturity, puberty…. But I don’t really know. I have joined orkut, spend hours chatting with my friends. I have many friends in my hostel and at home. I am considered a good debater in IITD, am my department’s rank 1, am a role model for all my cousins, but is this all I expected from myself in 20 years…… Ofcrse we can take out the first five years. Still 15 tears is a long time. What hav I achieved, rather wat do I want to achieve???? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. I still hav a month to figure it out.

9 responses to “Down The Memory Lane……….

  1. You wont believe .. but I have been thinking the same thoughts since 2007 landed in!!.. its like.. “My God!.. I’ll be 20 .. and what is it that I have done??”

    And I also loved to read my elder sister’s history and literature books!

  2. Nostalgia…it’s hit me too many times in life. When my brother and I used to play “The Lost Vikings” on our 32 MB RAM comp while listening to soft instrumental music in the bkgrnd (tell u wat, I’m listening to it JUST NOW too!) and how I had been sent to the Principal thrice in three years for misbehaviour and how I made and broke up with three best friends life had given me (and remade later too)

    No, I never read history books. I did get interested in History in sem1 and rushed to the IITD library in one unknown corner on the ground floor. Read a book up till the Romans, then was too bugged to bother 🙂

  3. Nice post… didn’t intend to comment but a typo towards the end caught my eye… “15 tears is a long time”. Unintended in my opinion, but nevertheless makes ironic sense. And since I have commented, could you please tell me how to get the ‘on shelf’ and ‘off shelf’ feature on the blog? Just comment here.

  4. @ Sid
    Well I also caught that typo while going thru the post b4 publishing it, but felt the same way and left it untended.
    As for the sidebar, go to presentation–>sidebar widgets,
    take a little help from FAQ section,
    use a little bit of wat I prefer to call common sense, and I think u wud be thru.

    P.S. Wud be pleased to know ur identity, if u don’t mind….

  5. Thanks for answering my question. I should have told you earlier, but I dont use wordpress to blog. I’m using blogger and to add any extra features, you must edit the html itself. I’ve tried to add all kinds of features by inserting the code in all possible places but always unsuccessfully. So actually wanted to know where exactly to put the code. Common sense might have helped but computer coding isn’t my cup of tea.

    My identity….Your blog is linked on a friend’s blog and thats how I got here. Keep reading random blogs for ideas for my own blog. I’m a first year student at IIT Guwahati.

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