Mind: Better a nomad

This post will certainly make no sense if you haven’t read the previous one. But even then if you wanna read this b4 reading the prvs, then may be dis will mak all the more sense to u.

I have finaly been able to resolve the perplexing quandary that I found my state of affairs to be in, for the past few days. The answer was actually too easy and straight-forward and as usually happens in such circumstances was all the more dificult to visualize( even with the high level of visionary powers and inimitable faculties of jurisdiction, that God was compelled to bestow upon this humble mortal). The conclusion that I hav so laboriously arrived at after an unusually labyrinthine thought process may appear to be a little escapist bordering upon frustration. But, just a minute, let me first tell you the solution that I hav arrived at, before I start shredding it piecemeal and once again find myself in the same sort of predicament that I hav just managed to escape from.

The beauty of this life lies in its inherent uncertainity, its unrevealed marvels waiting for us to unravel them from the stupefying mist that engulfs them. People say that you should have a goal in life. I beg to disagree. What will happen when I reach that goal??? Is my life not worth living after that??? Is life just about fulfilling your ambitions or satiating your god-dam egOs??? Is it just about clearing JEE, getting a good job, a pretty wife, nice children…..

We should, on the contrary live as we have never lived before and more importantly, like we will never (get a chance to) live again. People say take everything that life has to offer you, accept evry defeat with the same spirit as you enjoy a hard-earned victory. Ofcrse, it’s difficult to follow, so may be you can take the defeat a little more sullenly and do a little exaggerated display of joy on a trifle win( like may be a toss of coin). It is all actually upto you. The question that I raised in my last post abt whose vision of life is better (the hard-working Maggu types or the chilled out junta), may be that is better left unanswered. Bcoz if I knew that a certain type was better, it will kill all my joy of discovering at the end of it all that I chose exactly the opposite path. We don’t know what Life has in store for us, and it’s better that way.

Wander O my mind, wander.

No need to find any answers, though.

4 responses to “Mind: Better a nomad

  1. Your descriptive use of multi-syllable words is appreciable. 🙂 Pardon my lack of functional vocabulary as i find myself unable to leave a comment with the same eloquence.

    I completely agree with the theory of “Take life as it comes.”
    Great job!

  2. @ Nishi

    It was none of my intentions to make this blog an ostentatious exhibit of my modest English vocab. Rereading it I myself found it a ltl too verbose for proper comprehension and appreciation of the ideas I wanted to share.
    Will tk care in future!!!!!

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