MIND: Still a nomad

Disclaimer: I have been amply criticized for writing IIT centred posts. Also I feel that people expected something more mature from me than the last post. Here is an honest attempt to achieve the same.

having nothing better to do, I was just going thru the messages posted on VMC community on Orkut. It was fun going thru some of the one-liners used by Bade Bhaiyya (for non-VMCiians, our Chemistry teacher) during our classes. Personally going thru a lean phase, facing a dilemma how to prioritise my options in life, some of those one-liners really helped me to cheer up a bit. “If you can’t enjoy rain, you can’t do anything.” This may appear as a non-sensical statement, commented under a state of whimsical delirium, but actually within its realms, it contains the entire philosphy of life. Life is all about enjoying whatever you do. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rickshaw puller or a corporate magnate, if you can’t enjoy your work, you are as good as being dead. But this raises another very important question. If I enjoy, say for example, a state of wishful day-dreaming and procrastination (as actually I do), then will it not be harmful to me in the longer run?? This means I should rather do some work. But I can’t enjoy it. I mean you can’t always do what you enjoy and you can’t always enjoy what you do. So the remedy is to try to enjoy whatever you do rather than do whatever you enjoy. But this is easier said than done. Theoretically and philosphically, one can but when it comes to real life, it’s asking too much from mere mortals. I don’t think I m making much sense but what I want to lead you to is the question what should we strive to achieve in life.

I was discussing the same thing wid one of ma frnds a few days ago but cudn’t come to any conclusion. What finally we both agreed upon was that one should try to do/achieve whatever makes him happy. However the intersting part is that happiness being an ordinal concept, it’s really up to you to define happiness for urself. Say, for example, we all (exceptions to this don’t have the time to read this) criticize the hardworking types, saying he is a Mugger, lacks personality, is impotent and stuff. But if we try to look from the perspective of that girl/guy, she/he feels that we all are stupid fools wasting our time on petty things. So while we are happy watching movies and wasting time in bakaiti, he is happy in studying. So this brings us back to the square one.

To make you better appreciate the threads I am currently brooding upon, let me give an example. Consider the lives of your parents. With no offence meant, what have they done in their lives?? I mean your father grew up, went to a college, possibly flirted with a few gals, got his degree, started a business or got a job, tied the nuptial knot, then you were born, he cared for your schooling, well upbringing and stuff. This routines being sporadically interspersed with moments of happiness/sorrows.He will grow old, enjoy some time with his grandchildren( if you can produce them) and then pass away. The same way you are currently at the flirting part of your life. So when i hav to die one day, how does any one of my right or wrong decisions matter in the long run????

I don’t think I hav yet found answers to my questions. May be what we actually want to achieve in life is an answer to these questions.

4 responses to “MIND: Still a nomad

  1. Hey J,
    The question “When I have to die one day….run????” had been my mind’s tenant for a long time. Now this tenant TAKES rent instead of giving. It takes away a large share of your happiness cookie and leads you to the door of aimlessness. Though I didn’t find an answer to this one.. however… I found something(s) that I would like to do before I die. And these are not probably all related to money and materials. You ask what after all that is done.. well i guess there is so much to learn that after every few days the to-do list grows and grows with enough work for a lifetime! 🙂

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you. I dont know why it happens this way but: we as youth always talk about living a life quite different from a parents. It is human tendency at youth to be full of enthusiasm and belief that “we can teach the world”. Somehow something bends our backs slowly and steadily, we submit to the rat race of life and follow what our parents did. Maybe life’s priorities keep changing

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