I died yesterday, rather committed suicide last night. As I sit in Hell reading newspapers reporting my act of cowardice, debating whether it was academic pressure or personal relations that took its toll, I am again shredded by the same perplexing question that I stared at last night. Was I right in taking this extreme step?

Yes, I’ve committed suicide. Television channels have called in experts to discuss this increasing tendency among youth to commit suicide. A reporter is trying to get a hand on some of my photographs from my friends. She is even pesking my mother to give some of my childhood photographs. These ruthless 24*7 media!!! My friends, who till last night didn’t give a damn what happened to me, are having a hard time shedding crocodile tears as they go on camera praising how hardworking, friendly and full of jest for life I was. Fellow students and neighbors are chatting what a stupid I was to take such a “fattu” step. Some are even making fun of me calling me an impotent, coward. Parents are calling up their wards assuring them no matter what happened, “we are with you”. I feel sorry for my parents and just wish to convey “I love you”. Dr. S. kumara, a psychiatrist on panel of NDTV experts, feels it is the desire to reach the stars and the philosophy of gains without pains that is leading the modern youth to go against the nature. STOP IT………SILENCE………..YES, Yes, I’ve gone against the nature’s law. Yes, I’m a coward. But who is responsible for this? You, YOu and YOU.

Yes, I’ve committed suicide. The dean of students is busy spinning stories about my illness, which even I am interested in knowing. The BSP G-Sec has called a meeting of all reps asking them to rope in articles for the next issue of CR with a cover story on Suicides in IITs. Boys from other hostels are trying to get hold of the complete story so that they can tell their girl friends who will then take the responsibility of breaking the news to everyone, from her friends to the stray dog barking in the night, on their shoulders. A new community on Orkut has sprung up overnight- We loved AJ. My e-mail account is flooded with messages: is it true?! Lol………………………

Yes, I’ve committed suicide. But is anybody worried about me? Nobody is least bothered about my state of despair and the mental agony I felt before taking this extreme step. Isn’t this the very reason I committed suicide? What did I gain?

As I sit here in Hell, I think that maybe I was wrong. Life is a priceless gift. It is all about carving your own identity in this soul-less world and mind me, it is worth facing the challenge. To stand up against all odds. Or as Dumbledore said, to go down with your head held high. May be I am a little late.

Sorry Ma …………………………………………


3 responses to “COMMITTED SUICIDE

  1. wow!!! nice write up… n thnx for th ideas on commiting suicide…altho i dnt thnk m gonna do it anytym soon… esp not for 2 lame iitians… there r loads more out there for me to catch…lol…

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