We IITians: The Phoniest Bastards

Disclaimer: The author suffers from serious hangover of reading J.D.Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. The author may not be held responsible for any of the following comments including this one.

My hostel rep has asked me to write an article for CR. I was thinking what to write. Blah Blah blah… Fuck off!!! Have you ever read a more phoney start to an absolutely tedious article? Still you will find such a piece of forgettable phoney writing in every issue of CR.

Actually BSP is not the reason why I wanted to write on this topic. It’s got to do with an incident on my Goa trip. Fuck off!!! See again, how idiotically I have tried to pass on the information that I have been to Goa recently and feel more proud than Jaspal Rana. Well the incident that sparked off my writing this stupid unreadable article (How modest. Fuck off!!!) pivots itself upon the ego demon we nurture on the thought of being the ‘elite’ IITians. But are we any better than a group of damn phoney bastards? Every time you meet your friend (fellow IITian), the first thing you do is to boast about what time you slept last night, if in case you did. You proud yourself upon telling how you wasted your time playing AOE and watching “ “, how your scrap count has increased to a few tons and how now you are screwed for the minors. Gimme a break yaar!! You are always complaining how the girls in IIT look horrible and the government should bring in some sort of reservation for them. But have you ever yourself looked in the mirror? Put a hand on your heart and swear that the obnoxious demon that stares back at you doesn’t give you the creeps. Even if the girls were Cinderella in your eyes, you nerds don’t even have the guts to ask a girl out for a date. What you can do is only lie on your cozy bed and “ “.

I don’t think you are reading it till now (another cheap CR gimmick!) but the thing is that not only we IITians but the entire youth is a stupid set of phoney bastards. We are always trying to conform to the standards. No doubt conforming to standards is only a part of the refinement that globalizing economy has made indispensable, but we should not lose our own identity. Why should it matter if a guy doesn’t watch “ “? Why should it matter if a guy doesn’t enjoy ear-blasting rock music but likes to spend his evening listening to some soulful classical Indian music? We all look down upon such people. On the contrary we enjoy the company of those ‘elite’ people who use fuck thrice in their every sentence, use abuses more often than pronouns, know BC SOOTAH by word but fumble if someone ask them to sing Jana-Gana-Mana. I am not trying to be a philosopher nor do I say that I am free from all these vices, but the only point I want to make is that isn’t it high time that we, the future of the nation get out of our deep slumbers and stop imitating and following the directionless herd. Or are we too proud to remain the ‘elite’ IITian phoney bastards?

3 responses to “We IITians: The Phoniest Bastards

  1. Hi there!
    I dont think its only the IITians who are phoney, but almost the entire youth of India today. I am not an analytical person by nature, so I cannot really pin point as to who’s responsible for the sorry state of youth which you so rightly pointed out. Its become a fashion niow days to mouth four or seven letter obscenities and say “cool” or “hot” every 5th word ! The moment you appreciate anything “local”, you are branded a “Desi”.

    Do you really appreciate Indian classical music? If so then whats stopping you from exploring it better? Are you shy of drawing “adverse” comments from your peers? I know the peer presuure is tremendous in IITs, but someone’s got to put an end to this sham. Why is loving your own things considered down market by todays youth? If you dont respect / love yourself, how do do you expect others to respect you? If you just put a search on Indian classical music or yoga, on blogger.com, you’ll find much more foreigners posting on these topics than us Indians. Also their awareness and knowledge is so great that we should hang our heads in shame. Anyways, congrats for sticking out your neck and taking a firm stand. Hope you can get your stand vindicated !!!

  2. hey man i adore ur writing.. it was really some gr8 reading nd was so gud dat i found out tym to go thru al dis ven da pressure of shival calling me for da 5km race is on da rise! salute u nd ur thots 🙂

  3. good stuff dude.You picked on quite a few issues that require a thorough rethinking or rather ‘thinking and good ‘shit’ you’re reading Nabokov..want to devour him as soon as i ‘dispose’ off with what i have on my plate at present…and yes with all the ‘stuff’ and ‘shit’ laden phrase you might consider me the ‘laconic infidel’ of the world of language..anyhow the ‘superficial’ …rawck on dudes.

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