Huh!!! Finally the dreaded minors are over. After five pseudo-nightouts, I have realized one thing. Say wat u may, but life in IIT is an everlasting experience in itself. Something u will cherish for years to come and tell ur children( if u manage to produce some) with a certain degree of proudness. I share a little story here with an attempt to allegorise it.

Once upon a time there was a jungle. I hope u know what a jungle is, a place inhabited by animals free to do whatever they want, without any restrictions; or so they felt. A hunter came to this forest one day and digged a hole to catch a man-eater( which had created havoc in the recent past). Well the tiger was shrewd enough and it chased an innocent deer in such a manner that finally the deer fell down in that hole. Well what the tiger did, is justified considering his nature. But what the hunter did is even more astonishing. The next morning he came to that place and found the deer struggling to distangle herself from the nets. The hunter rather than saving the deer, decided after much contemplation to fill back the hole so that when he went back to the town, he can say that atleast he has caught something. He went back to the town and said that he has killed the man-eater. But he fled out of the city that night under the cover of dark so that when the ppl realise the truth they don’t blame them or may be because of something which typical Hindi movies classify as “ZAMEER”.

Now the tiger moves freely in the jungle and having learnt from the previous experience, no longer openly kill human beings (though he continues it by stealth). Moreover, he keeps saying to the other animals that he has been given a very unfair treatment. He had not killed anyone and it was he who should feel infuriated rather than the stupid deers who are alays killing human beings.

The moral of the story: Identify the tigers and KEEP DISTANCE.

Well a treat is promised to the first person to spot the complete allegory, though I feel it is too apparent.

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