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I finally bathed after enjoying a three day long dry spell (I hav to go home today, that’s why). As I reached mess, my mobile was buzzing with SMSes pleading (virtually) not to go to attend classes. Overnite, a dozen of posters had come up out of nowhere calling for a mass bunk. IITD had finally arisen from its slumbers and decided to stage a protest against reservation for OBC’s in central institutes. The “Youth For Equality”(or so it is called), as I write is organising a protest march from IITD to AIIMS and then to MAMC.

But as I sit here in CSC writing down this blog, some questions stare me in the face. Am I a traitor??? Have I got no love for my moherland????? Am I another of those IITians who blame the system but will do nothing as long as a job in the United States look secure??

Though I am not personally an ardent believer in this doctrine of reservation, I still hold that the Youth For Equality Forum(YFE) is in a way misleading the youth, who in this post RDB era definitely realize their responsibilities towards the nation but haven’t yet grown of age to discern the right from the wrong.

Why am I sounding so ANTI YFE Forum. Equality, as I see it, is equal status, opportunities and freedom to one and all irrespective of X,Y or Z. What the YFE has completely forgotten in its anti reservation stance is that reservation is meant to bring about that equality. As we all don’t have a common background, equality cannot be brought about by any other means than reservation. Being an IITian I know that nearly 70% of the junta have spent fifty to sixty thousand rupees in a good coaching institute which the people from the lowly classes can’t afford.Nevertheless, I am also completely aware of how reservation is being misused by the so-called creamy layer and how we should rather have finance as the criteria for reservation. But my point of contention is that without even the bill being tabled, in view of the recent developments concerning Moily report, why is the YFE making such a hue and cry. I consider it obstructing the course of democracy. Secondly, why is it imperative that the students should mass bunk their classes to attend these protests. Is there any law banning protests in the evenings or weekends. Next, why are the acts of YFE such that they catch media attention. I know they have to spread but my point is rather than just marching to Jantar Mantar or India Gate with candles in hand, the YFE should actually do something more constructive.

We look down upon people who support reservation but have we ever spared a moment to think about the following things.

Why hasn’t it ever occured to this so called YFE to start some schools or evening colleges for the poor and downtrodden? Why has it never occured to this YFE to organise regular teaching camps in remote and backward area? Why is their definition of equality just limited to upper echelons of the society? Why is this YFE not doing anything to ensure jobs to the unemployed?Why has this movement been limited to engineering or medical colleges? You get a police lathicharge is torture and anti-human but the students campaigning pro-reservation getting the same treatment is something they deserved. YFE doesn’t even represent the interests of 5% of the Indian youth and it talks of equality. HA!HA!HA!

Well you get me the answers to these questions and I would automatically get answers to mine.


  1. My child AJ,

    Criticizing anything is easy but its very difficult to work for any cause. With your meagre knowledge you r hurting the good people who are fighting for the cause of the nation.I hope to answer ur questions with what I know.

    It is because of the protests that the Rather being tabled and passed, has now been handed over to Joint Parliamentary Committee [JPC]. Protest was organised on friday because the Bill was going to be tabled on that day.It is not a picnic or Holiday-fun to be organised on Weekends.

    The acts are planned to catch media attention because the whole India is, obviously, not coming to India gate or Jantar-Mantar to see us Shouting. Without media coverage we would only injure our throats and go back. Media coverage will generate a popular opinion and widen the base of the movement.

    Students(YFE) neither have funds nor time to start schools and it is the work of govt. not the students to do so.YFE is getting suport of DU, and even Leftist opinion based JNU,etc.And I think it certainly much greater than 5%.
    And rather it would be better if u urself suggest something “Constructive”.
    Finally, If u cant support the cause for nation atleast dont demoralize ur friends who are doing so.

    If a pateint is suffering from cancer (say), his friends and relatives pray and do everything to save him eveb though they think it is hardddd to save him.Same is the case here what YFE is doing.

    I hope you are ANSWERED. (-: (-:

  2. @ smit

    Thanks. Finally I hav got a regular reader at my blog.

    I don’t hav any intentions to hurt or demoralize ur cause and nor do I think that a mere blog entry is capable of doing that.

    Nor is it because of your being present at Jantar Mantar that the bill has been sent to JPC. I don’t say that the protests uring the summer vacations were wrong. But my point is that once you have got ur view registered with the govt., why not first wait and see what the govt. does.

    You may be greater than 5%, say 15% but what abt the rest 85%. Shouldn’t those ppl should also get an equla media coverage.

    Well the YFE can collaborate with the government to open schools, improve the medical facilities etc.

    I never said that your effort is not worthwhile but I think that ppl are just following the trend rather than giving it a serious thought.

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