HUL 110
Introduction to Humanities and Social sciences

A course which, we all know, is a part of the IIT curriculum just to teach us how to put proxies. And while the rest of theclass is busy snoozing off or completing their PHP100 files( another cult course in IIT, sort of ragging of the firstyearites by the professors*), a hand shoots up from the first row (if allowed he wud sit on the teacher’s chair) every thirty-seven seconds or so, querying abt something or the other, innocuous questions about only God knows what. And even the professor is forced to continue the class ten minutes longer than he actually wanted.
XXN 110
INtroduction to Department

A course which is done just in order to screw an afternoon or to get a better look at the girls( no pun intended) in your department. Sometimes there are excursions to industries to show you where the hell u will land up after being screwed up for four (if you are the elite ones, five) years. While everyone else is busy chatting, sending SMSes, r doing some studapa to impress the same species which I mentioned above (on the verge of extinction), a guy(again no pun intended) is scribbling down something on a notepad, making quick mental notes of the working mechanism of all the machines and asking questions on the hydrodynamical co-effecients (if such a thing exist) of the machines, making comments on the efficiency of the machines.
The antithesis of PHP100. A course where more fraudulent means you use, the better are your chances to get an A. A guy YOU KNOW WHO is putting forth theories why glucose exist in dextro form or why if you add water in water, it will still be water. Taking 237 readings (in place of the required 20 and workable 3) when the rest of the rest of the class is busy eyeing the scintillating panorama (the view frm MS702 is really breath taking) outside or dropping their handkerchiefs again and again to get a good look at the legs of the girl standing next to you in a capri (Dammit!!!. What IIT does to India’s brightest brains. Please give girls a 33% reservation)
The story continues. Be it giving suggestions to DIRO how to improve the academic standards or completing 125 within the first semester (Source: National Informatics Centre), this You KNOW WHO (not from Slytherin but Some other Idiotic Camp) has always given HERMIONE GRANGER (for further references: read Harry Potter) a run for her money. So the question remains who is the greatest Muggle, sorry Muggu of all times.

And I am proud to say that Rowling herself has acknowledged her defeat.

“A guy who just likes the sound of his own voice“** and that’s why can’t stop answering or for that matter asking questions. I hope by now u wud hav guessed who I am talking about . And if you haven’t, then I am really proud that finally the man about whom I am writing this post, is reading it.

***Copyright Salil.
* Copyright Chaurasia
** Copyright Mittul

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