As the Israel Lebanon war enters its second phase, TV channels debate whether Prince (the famous “Gaddha” boy) should be given tax exemptions or not and as book-writing becomes synonymous with scandalising ( rt frm V.P.singh to Jaswant Singh and latest in the line John Wright) which feed the ever-voracious news channels, it’s that time of the year in IITD, when some innocent looking boys (for there aren’t enough girls) will be seen with their trousers a good three and a half feet below their waist line and mouthing abuses to their entire antiquity and when some obsolete teams called Proctorial and Copmin will wake up from their year long slumbers and decide to be the “messiah” of the freshers. Well they end up screwing every thing and punishing the innocents rather than the culprits (an all time favourite with IITD profs. (esp CS)).

Being a second-yearite it becomes my moral responsibility to advocate ragging in its full colour and essence. But, this I do, with no less realisation of the fact that we are responsible for ensuring a friendly and growth conducive environment to the new comers. The situation may seem paradoxical to some of my well-wishers and some not so well-wishers but let me bring them back from their blissful oblivion by askin’ a few questions. Had it not been for that so called ragging, would it still have been possible for you to enjoy the same sort of rapport with your seniors as you do now? Would you have had the guts to sneek into their rooms and enjoy their eateries? The answer is a big NO. What ragging actually does is to alleviate the gap between the freshers and the seniors and tie them in a common bondage. Or to quote one of my seniors, it brings them down from cloud nine to the world of reality and inure them from the roughs of the life in IITD. Ragging does leave its marks on the minds of the freshers but not in the form of scars or blemishes rather as a deep imprint marking the advent of a new relationship which they will cherish for years to come.

I do not shrug off the fact that abuses, lewd comments and indecent acts in no way help in building the foundation of that relationship, but at that same time let me remind you that such things exist only because of maligned Indian mentality towards sex and not because the second yearites are some monsters or Masochists. Let me not digress and come back to my original point of debate. What the Copmin (what an absurd name. At least change it to copmax) fails to realize even after so many years of existence is that rather than imposing strict rules and regulations on the seniors, it should try to organise more and more interaction periods with the seniors. It requires no rocket science to understand that one, human pyschology is such that it tries to avert any change and secondly eating the forbidden apple gives more pleasure than the omnipresent grapes.

Freshers Beware!!!!

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