I asked my penis what’s there in a girl’s bra
that make u stand up in a salute
is it carnal desire or nature’s law
that u dance to her flute.

How do u defy the law of gravity
as u get upright bigger and bigger
Is it some kind of special relativity
or just a gain in P.E. on seeing a sexy figure.

We have watched so many porns together
But ur desire I can’t satiate
Night after night in the bathroom
u force me to masturbate.

Everytime I look at my sperm(s)
I think I’ve wasted another Einstein or a mere germ.
Thousands of Newtons in a week
Making science’s future rather bleak.

My penis replied it’s just a display of manly vigour
An “exercise” to relax after the day’s rigour.
A masturbation a day keeps the doc away
and keep all ur tensions at bay.

I asked it if the prescription was valid
even after I get married to that sweet little girl
Oh! what a beauty she is
that lovely damsel, a diamond a pearl

It replied

When u wud get married
u wud someday realise
that wasting ur sperms in the bathroom
was indeed very wise.

That two little donkeys that u wud produce
ur faith on ur manhood wud suddenly reduce
The answer then u wud urself deduce
Let’s have another session I really like Electra’s art to seduce.

10 responses to “SPERMA

  1. Haha! Superb man!!!

    But i think every time a gal who’s read ur poem, notices that a guy is gettin a hardon, she’ll remember ur poem and laugh out loud.

    keep this poem away from every gal u suspect ti be a prospective partner for life 😛

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