Resume Building

Well this poem may seriously reflect the frustration of a lost candidate oto some “passionate” junta but it is merely an attempt to satiate rather resatiate my vanity and bring out the real “face” of the “faceless” hypocrites. Hope that this poem helps me in my


I knocked this door, I knocked that door

I went from floor to floor

Pray, do give me some post

I’ve to “build my resume” at any cost.

I’ve sold my soul

Hav auctioned it rather

Please give me some post

It’ll take my “career” farther.

Principles, Ideals are all crap

Orthodox Ideas, nothing but mere trap(s)

For my future, I want to do some fielding

Please help me in my “resume building”.

If u make me a rep

I promise to make u the cult

Start enjoying the victory lap

Even before hearin’ the result

U did everything for “passion”

wat I do is for pure lust

Every moment I give God this suggestion

Let only the “honest” bite the dust.

Politics, they say is a game of the mind

where competents are overthrown by the blinds

But I just ask thou this question

Why is honesty so hard to find.

Is it bcoz we r busy buildin’ our rsume

to get a cool cheque signed

or is it bcoz there r ppl havin’many faces

who want their egos satisfied.

Is it bcoz our skyscraping dreams lack foundation

and we want everything without pains

or is it bcoz there r ppl like me

ready to sell their soul for petty materialistic gains.

The answer my friend is not hard to conceive

it’s bcoz of u so deft in the art to deceive

It’s bcoz of me so inept in my ability to perceive

It’s bcoz of us and our desires to achieve.

It’s bcoz this world is intoxicated by its own ego

It’s bcoz we all sold our souls long ago

It’s bcoz the system is so engrossed in deception

It’s bcoz honesty has become a mere misconception.

It’s bcoz of the faceless lives we lead

It’s bcoz we let profits decide our deed(s)

It’s bcoz of our avaracious greed

It’s bcoz (may be) we want to “build our resume” indeed.

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