well for some people life is nothing more than a moment while for others even a moment turns out to be an experience of lifetime. I go down the memory lanes and remember those cherished moments of mine along with some not so cherished ones.

2. well I start with scond bcoz the frst un is a ltl too personal. Till now I remember the day when a girl proposed me for the frst time. I was in tenth at that time. Don’t be shocked!!!! She was very beautiful but a ltl heavy (rnd abt 65 and well at that time I had just a meagre 42). so ofcrse the combo didn’t go well. I tried to ignore her after dat just bcoz of u know peer pressure. But personally I was like ah!!! on the seventh heavens. well during the time it lasted( after some time she gave up. WHY??? Board exams meant no schools and ofcrse my rude nature to her on telephone) I felt like a king. she wud do evrything just in order to impress me (well we boys r known for doing all these but wen a grl dos it sounds kool). she wud sit on abench near me, keep asking me questions, wud somehow by some mysterious natural powers feel the urge to go to drink water at the same time as me, meet me invariably at the canteen( again eating the same junk as me). But I was rude, Rude, RUde, RUDe and RUDE.
Now as I reflect back I feel I was a ltl wrong( the main reason being I am now 65 and she a cool sexy 58) and now she hav a BF.

3. the next thing dat come sto my mind is well ofcrs getting 94% marks in my boards and she giving me a call to thank me. But in XI it was all over. After that came the fateful day when the divine power somehow managed to save my dignity which mite have been damaged widout repair. well what exactly transpired was
we, a group of eight, four grls nd 4 members of the illustrious group called boyzz were sitting together and playing “truth and dare”. Suddenly one of the grls said (in her turn to reveal a truth ) to me “I love u”. well the group already had 4 love birds and I felt for a moment that she mite have also buckled under the peer pressure to say so bcoz I very honestly admit my looks, physique, personality were no match for her dignified persona having charms to allure anyone. I can’t tell u wat all went thru in my mind at that time. All my frnds were like Congrats and all. But I don’t know how I reamined silent. But I was never my normal self during the rest of the game. well wen the game ended, AKSHAT, the devil was kind enough to tell me it was just a dare after having full fun at my expene for abt an hour. Even now en I remember the incident i can hear the sounds of my frndzz laughing and taunting me as CHHOti revealed the truth.

4. this one dates back to the times wen I was in VIII. well I won a debating competition and still distinctly remembr climbing up the stairs to the podium to receive my Prize. A wonderful feeling which reensured me that I can also do something in life rather than u know the usual shit.

5. This event will ever remain etched in my heart. I was in I. we were playing a game with the class duster shooting it at each other( u know the kind of thngs we do in childhood). But as luck wud hav it when I threw the duster my friend ducked and it straight away guided by SATAN broke the window pane( pain). well that was the frst time in my life that I felt fear gripping me.
even now the mere mention of that event sends shivers down my spine. to u it may look a minor incident but look frm the perspective of a 6 year old.

6. Last I cherish the moment when I started blogging.

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