Well this is my third blogpage, everytime I forget my id or password. Hopefully the trend would change for the better.

I had a hectic weekend attending an engagement ceremony, a marriage party and a B’day bash(well I don’t even know the guy whose b’day it supposedly was). Well I tell u I don’t get bored anywhere as much as I get in these parties where people come clad in superfluous attire, wearing heavy ornaments as if doing a commercial for DEbeers. But what irritates me the most is their forced gaiety.
But there is one nice thing abt this parties. u get to hav some nice food and after eating all that crap we re served in our hostels, it is well a welcome break.
well I remeber even now that when I was in, if I m not wrong, in V grade evrytime someun ( obviously an acquaintance) met me in a party, the frst thing (after the usual rnd of reverences) wud be to ask “beta kaun si class me ho gaye ho?”. as if he were to marry his daughter to me as soon as I finished my high school.
after a very meek answer by me, he wud go on to add ” aur padhai theek chal rahi hai?” as if I said no then he wud give me tuts. I usually said Yes but once even tried to say No. The man( I remember him distinctly to be Mr. sharma at that time) was quick in his reply. he said well then u must concentrate hard bcoz studies r everything and all that crap stuff dat one usually expect from these grown ones.
when i got into eighth grade, the questions further degraded and the usual ones were “Beta bahut kamjor ho. kuch khate peete nahin ho?”. and then even widout waiting for my reply wud say “aajkal ke bacche kuchh khaate hi nahin. humare time me to hum ek baar me 1 litre doodh pee jaate the”.
well the effect of that milk can be seen in every bone staring at u from his fragile framework.
In XI well the questions reached a new low. now they asked me “aur bhai aajkal badi ladkiyon ke saath ghoom raha hai”. well dat used to make me so furious dat I stopped attending such gatherings for good.
well the reason why I am writing down all these long stories is that in the engagement party on Saturday, well that very Mr. Sharma came and said to me “Beta kaun si class me ho gaye ho. padhai theek chal rahi hai??????
And the spicing on the top of the cake is that I really like his daughter very much….

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